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BDCO x Otherside

Thursday, May 5, 2022

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Good morning everyone !

I know it's been a little while since we have provided updates. There have been many going on in the background that we would like to share with you. The team is working hard on planning the short-term and long-term roadmap for this project. Below is what we can share with you at this moment.

Merch (Hats):

  • We have secured the design, and the prototypes are in production;
  • Product shots will be taken once prototypes are ready for pick up;
  • We will provide more details on how this prototype batch will be dropped;

Website and ERC721a Contract:

  • The design and general layout is half way ready, and it's in development environment;
  • We are waiting on graphics that matches the vision of our roadmap to be produced;
  • The minting function is currently working with a test contract on Rinkeby testnet;
  • We have deployed test contracts on Rinkeby but need to work on a few functions that adheres to our roadmap;

Diamond Club:

  • The window to join the Diamond Club had closed;
  • There will be more opportunities in the future as we increase Diamond Club capacity as the collection grows;
  • All future Diamond Club members will be voted in by the Diamond Club;
  • The Diamond Club had casted their first vote for keeping the OG role for historical status for community members;


  • After a lot of considerations between Sandbox, Cryptovoxels and the Otherside, the core team had decided to go with the Otherside;
  • We have secured a piece of land and will attempt to trade that upwards if that opportunity is available;
  • We have requested for the SDK developer account from Yuga Labs and will be assessing options once access is approved;

To all BDCO members, WELCOME to the Otherside!!


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