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BadDogs Company is on a mission to create a one-of-a-kind community in the wild world of Web3. We're here to break free from the toxicity that often plagues online hangouts.
Our goal? To provide an entertaining, engaging, and supportive space where you can buy, sell, trade, and chat about your NFTs. We're all about inclusivity, creativity, and non-stop fun while we navigate this exhilarating NFT universe. Our community's strength comes from our members and their passion for our artwork, and we're on a mission to turn up the heat at every turn.


These fearless leaders are the architects of our rebellion, the heart of our BadDogs movement. They're the ones who keep the chaos in check, the creativity flowing, and the BadDogs Universe alive and thriving.
Johnny dog image one
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A crucial figure in our core team. His profound passion for the BadDogs project and art fuels our success. Serving as the mastermind behind our organic growth. Johnny knows how to entertain and pick people's brain. He has a distinct look on things and possesses a unique talent for piquing curiosity like no other. Overall an invaluable asset to the team.
Ethlon dog image one
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The dedicated co-founder of BadDogs, pouring unparalleled effort into the project as if it were his own baby. His unmatched work ethic is the backbone of our endeavor. Beyond that, Ethlon is an exceptionally open-minded individual, always approachable with ideas and input. The goal in mind always being to make the community proud, Ethlon formes the core strength that drives the spirit of BadDogs.
13six dog image one
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Art Director
The visionary BadDogs artist and the core founder. He crafts the essence of the BadDogs universe. As the pioneering Bad Dog, his artistic prowess knows no boundaries, standing unrivalled in his craft. Widely acknowledged as an artistic genius, 13six can bring any concept to life in no time. Consistently delivering beyond expectations, he's the creative force that never disappoints.
SickStef dog image one
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Community Engagement Director
Meet Sickstef, our Community Engagement Director at BadDogs. Always on the grind for the BadDogs community, you'll find her sparking excitement on Twitter and Discord, scouting for future enhancements, and organizing fun activities for our members. She's the go-to person for anything, anytime, Always enthusiastic and full of wild ideas. It's like she never sleeps, but that's just part of her wild charm.
Jonny#2 dog image one
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Head Moderator
Our community manager who infuses a vibrant Latino vibe into our community. Possessing the biggest heart for our members, he consistently brings a light-hearted and humorous atmosphere. A stellar voice chat host, Jonny2 is ever-ready for whatever the core team needs, embodying the true spirit of "ride or die."
Metsuko dog image one
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A long-time diamond-handed community member turned Moderator, known for being the king of rumbles. Beyond moderating, he's your go-to for a chat or game, someone you can always count on. Universally loved, Metsuko also surprises the community with his amazing culinary skills, adding a delightful flavor to our BadDogs family.
DarkHalf dog image one
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Collab Manager
Our seasoned Moderator and Collab Manager, the go-to guy for orchestrating crucial collaborations within the space. Always on the lookout for opportunities to elevate BadDogs, he's an open-minded individual with a flair for dark humor, adding a unique and witty touch to our team.
Panorom dog image one
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Collab Manager
Our dependable collab mastermind, effortlessly weaving connections with anyone in the space. A networking maestro, he's the go-to person for building valuable collaborations within the BadDogs universe.
Lou dog image one
Lead Developer
Known for creating robust and efficient solutions, he's the go-to guy for all our programming needs. In addition to his technical prowess, he's loved for his friendly nature and willingness to help. Overall, a valuable asset to the team.
Rabye dog image one
Software Developer
A skilled software engineer who loves to tackle coding challenges head-on. Known for his expertise in developing efficient and reliable software solutions. Beyond his technical abilities, he's a trustworthy team member who's always ready to lend a helping hand.
KidJames dog image one
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A genuine OG as real as they come. When he's not collecting sneakers, shooting TV shows or winning awards, he helps BadDogs team as a loyal advisor. We deeply appreciate his invaluable input, network and thoughtful contributions on our journey. KidJames brings a unique perspective and experience that enriches our path forward.


Tone420 Pfp



Diamond Member
Meet Tone420 - a pivotal member of our BadDogs community. Known as the Creator of “Bad Not Bored,” Master of Spaces, and a true embodiment of the “Never Stop” spirit, Tone420 exemplifies what it means to be a BadDog at heart. In this interview, we delve deep into his experiences, from his initial attraction to our community to his current influential role.


Meet our BadDog Diamonds, here we proudly showcase our esteemed members alongside their BadDogs PFP. Explore the faces behind our vibrant community and celebrate the individuals who contribute to our success and creativity.
Push dog image one
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Community President
Tone420 dog image one
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Spaces Host
QueenB dog image one
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Spaces Co-Host
Master dog image one
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Music Producer
DrDave dog image one
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Skull Legion Lead
DoughBoy dog image one
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Pizza Lover
Toxinister dog image one
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BadDogs Ambassador
DanJax dog image one
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Talented Artist
Tashi dog image one
Twitter/X icon
Dr. Pawsitive
D54x dog image one
Twitter/X icon
MissAstro dog image one
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Good Vibe Ambassador
Neptumer dog image one
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Community Badass
Killer dog image one
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Truth Teller
HaleFire dog image one
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Real Canadian
PryceRock dog image one
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Social Media Ambassador
BlockJam dog image one
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Game Designer
Shoyobro dog image one
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Tough Dog
Paladin dog image one
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OG Supporter
Daytonac dog image one
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OG Supporter
Dive headfirst into the BadDogs universe, where unlocking a BadDog is your ticket to the untamed madness on Bark Ave. It’s a world where chaos reigns supreme and fun knows no bounds.
From exclusive, raw energy to merchandise drops, to epic after-dark events and collaborations that blend underground vibes with global icons, we’re crafting more than just a brand – we’re sparking a revolution. Community-driven, globally notorious for flipping the script. Gear up to cause a stir, the BadDogs way.


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