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Every BadDogs NFT (non-fungible token) is a unique token on the Ethereum blockchain. As a lawful owner of a BadDogs NFT, you possess the actual token, along with the rights to utilize the associated art, provided you adhere to these Terms.

BadDogs NFTs

What does owning a BadDogs NFT entail?

- Ownership of a unique token.
- Rights to use associated Art.

What are the rules for using BadDogs art?

- Art must be used in a universally appealing, genuine, and positive manner.
- Avoid usage that promotes hate, violence, or sensitive topics.

How can I use my BadDogs NFT commercially?

- You can create and sell merchandise or digital content, subject to terms and conditions.
- For projects involving multiple BadDogs, approval is required.

Can I create derivative works?

Yes, under certain conditions ensuring originality and not misleading others about official BadDogs creations.

What happens when I transfer my BadDogs NFT?

The rights and licenses granted under these Terms for BadDogs NFT are exclusive to you and cannot be transferred. If you decide to sell, give away, or otherwise relinquish your BadDogs NFT, you will forfeit the associated licenses in the Art.

Are there any limitations on the use of BadDogs Trademarks?

The "BadDogs" trademark remains with the creators, and its use is restricted.

What are the disclaimers and limitations of liability?

Value and use of NFTs are subjective; holders are responsible for compliance and bear risks.

Can the terms be revised?

Yes, terms are subject to change, and holders must comply with updates.

BadDogs Crafted Program

What is the BadDogs Crafted Program?

The BadDogs Crafted Program is an initiative for holders of BadDogs NFTs, granting them a license to creatively use the art associated with their NFTs for both personal enjoyment and commercial endeavors.

Are there any creative limitations?

- Creativity should be respectful and audience-friendly.
- Avoid usage promoting negativity or divisiveness.

Can I transfer my rights?

The rights and licenses granted under these Terms for BadDogs NFT are exclusive to you and cannot be transferred. If you decide to sell, give away, or otherwise relinquish your BadDogs NFT, you will forfeit the associated licenses in the Art.

What is the "Main License" and "Project License"?

Main License: Core license linked to your BadDog, identified by the first 5 digits.
Project License: Allows associating various BadDogs and projects with your Main License.

How does showcasing the BadDogs Crafted emblem work?

You can feature the exclusive emblem in your projects. It MUST be used in its original form, without alterations and include the "CRAFTED" text.

What if my BadDog stars in multiple projects?

Each project needs its own Product License.

How does the master license system work for multiple BadDogs?

Individual licenses for each BadDog, with an overarching master license for the entire project.


What is Bad Dogs Company?

We are a community of strong members who support the art and building a global brand together. Be Bad, Not Bored. Never Stop™

How do I buy a Dog?

The BadDogs Genesis collection can be found on OPENSEA. The Generative collection availability is TBD, hop into our DISCORD to find out more.

What blockchain does Bad Dogs Company use?

BadDogs lives in the Etherum blockchain. The Genesis token utilizes the ERC-721 standard, and the Elements collection uses the ERC-1155 standard. The Generative collection will return to ERC-721 standard.

What is the Genesis Collection?

The Genesis collection is a collection of 888 hand-drawn 1/1 dogs. The Genesis tokens will be used as inspiration for the Generative collection.

Do you have a long-term roadmap?

Yes we do, please go into our DISCORD and check out the #roadmap channel.

What is the BadDogs Generative Collection mint price?

This is TBD. We will announce the mint price in our DISCORD and TWITTER.

Will Genesis holders get WL?

Yes, Genesis holders will get a certain amount of whitelist spots for the Generative collection. The amount of WL spots will be announced in our DISCORD and TWITTER.

Where can I see my purchased dogs?

You can view them on OPENSEA. Since we are a verified collection, you can also view them in your wallet (e.g. MetaMask).

What is the Diamond Club?

The Diamond Club was created to allow our biggest supporters to have a direct line of communication with the team. The team will listen and assess all feedback from the Diamonds and will take it into consideration when making decisions.

How do I get a Custom Dog?

Custom Dogs are Genesis tokens that are hand-drawn by our artists 13six with specific input from the holder. This is one of the highest proud dog you can get from this collection and initially was reserved for OGs. However, we have already allocated all Custom Dogs in the 888 collection.

What happens when BadDogs Generative sells out?

There will be a lot of growing once the generative collection is fully minted. We will continue to allocate funds to increase brand exposure and partner with web2 companies to strengthen our brand. The fund will be used to further secure IP rights, increase community engagement and build product prototypes and so on. In addition, we also plan to allocate funds to support the community and help them grow their products with the BadDogs brand.

What rights do I have as a BadDogs NFT holder?

- Blockchain verified ownership of the unique token.
- Non-exclusive license for associated art.
- Freedom to use art for personal purposes (e.g., avatars, profile pictures).
- Rights to monetize the NFT art (merchandise, digital content, creative projects).
- Ability to create derivative works, subject to certain conditions.

How can I reach the team?

The team is best reached through our DISCORD and TWITTER. If you need to contact the team privately, please open a support ticket in our DISCORD server. For serious inquires, we are also available through DM on Twitter or let us know in general chat that you would like to connect privately.



This FAQ provides a general overview and should

NOT be considered exhaustive. For detailed

information, refer to the full BadDogs Crafted

program and IP rights documentation.