What is Bad Dogs Company (BDCO)?

We are a community of strong members who support the art and vision of this project, embarking on a journey in the NFT space that goes beyond the amazing artwork. We're Bad Dogs - Good Company.

The Genesis collection is a collection of 888 hand-drawn 1/1 dogs. The Genesis tokens will be used as the core for the 4880 Generative collection.

What blockchain does Bad Dogs Company utilize?

BDCO lives in the Etherum blockchain. The Genesis token utilizes the ERC1155 contract from OpenSea and we have plans to migrate that contract to its own ERC721. The Generative collection will be it's own ERC721 contract on Etherum mainnet as well.

How do I buy a Dog from the Genesis Collection?

Due to the limited supply in the Genesis collection, there are several ways to buy a dog at the moment:

  • You can purchase a BDCO from the secondary market or random drops onOpenSea →
  • You can enter our Whitelist giveaway bots or weekly Whitelist games on ourDiscord →
  • You can participate in our Bounty Dog or Adoption program that is occasionally announced on our Discord →
  • You can make private deals with BDCO members in ourDiscord →
  • You can participate in our giveaway and contests onTwitter →

How do I buy a Dog from the Generative 48eighty Collection?

The 48eighty collection will be launched with normal minting from a ERC721 contract on this website. Priority whitelist will be given to Genesis holders. There will also be whitelist opportunities for active discord members.

What happens when BDCO reaches its goal of 48eighty Generative Collection?

There will be a lot of growing once the 4k collection is fully minted. We will continue to allocate funds to execute on our roadmap. Depending on the available war-chest post mint, we will focus on finding ways to connect our project to a sustainable IRL business.

We will reinvest a significant portion of the profit back into BDCO. This includes securing our IP assets, continual build of our brand as well as locating opportunities for collaboration, partnership, or acquisition with other projects or businesses that aligns with our goals.

0.25 ETH (Holder), 0.3 ETH (BadPups), 0.4 (Non-Holder)


Yes, Genesis holders will get a certain amount of whitelist allocated to them with a discounted mint price (TBD).

You can view them on OpenSea. Once we migrate the collection to ERC721, you will be able to see them directly in your wallet (e.g. MetaMask).

The Diamond Club was created to allow our biggest BDCO supporter to have a direct line of communication with the Core team. The core team will listen and assess all feedback from the Diamonds and execute accordingly if and when it is appropriate.

Custom dogs are Genesis tokens that are drawn by @13six specifically with the input from the holder. This is one of the highest proud dog you can get from this collection and initially was reserved for OGs. However, we have options for Diamond Club or Whale members to obtain one.

Yes, all roadmap information will be in Roadmap.

The team is best reached through our Discord. If you need to contact the team privately, please open a support ticket in the server. For serious inquiries, we are also available through DM on Twitter or let us know in #support if you want to connect and we will accept your friend request.