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Every BadDogs NFT (non-fungible token) is a unique token on the Ethereum blockchain. As a lawful owner of a BadDogs NFT, you possess the actual token, along with the rights to utilize the associated art, provided you adhere to these Terms.

BadDogs Timeline

New Drop on OpenSea - 0.03 ETH mint

Q1 2022 - Delivered

BadDogs Custom Auction

Q2 2022 - Delivered

BadDogs Branding - New Logo

Q2 2022 - Delivered

BadDogs Website

Q3 2022 - Delivered

Play2Win Whitelist

Q2-Q4 2022 - Delivered

BadDogs Foundation (Charity) - Feeding stray dogs

Q3-Q4 2022 - Delivered

Drinks with Johnny

Q2 2022 - Present

BadDogs Stories - Token Synced

Q3 2022 - Delivered

Poker Tournaments and the Rare Pokerdogs

2022-2023 - Delivered

BadDogs Merch Store

Q1 2023 - Present

BadDogs Elements - Open Edition (Raffles)

Q3 2023 - Delivered

BadDogs Days of Summer - Community Event

Q3 2023 - Delivered

BadDogs Grand Reveal Party

Q4 2023 - Delivered

BadDogs Genesis Verified Collection on OpenSea

Q4 2023 - Delivered

BadDogs and Skull Legion Unite - Partnership

Q3 2023 - Present

BadDogs Game Platform

Q3 2023 - Present

BadDogs Poker Tournament on Kurama

Q1 2024 - Present


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