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BadDogs hit the ground running with one goal: to craft the strongest, most authentic community there is. Here, we're all about rewriting the rules and making waves in the Web3 world with our unique blend of energy and innovation. Our pack thrives on challenging the status quo, turning heads at every corner. We're painting the digital landscape with bold strokes of BadDogs flair. More than just a ripple of excitement, we're a team dedicated to crafting a dynamic, engaging community experience.




As BadDogs began its journey in February 2022, a twist in the tale unfolded. The original team stepped back, and a new pack of dedicated leaders emerged, ready to take the reins. This wasn't just a change in personnel; it was the birth of BadDogs Company!

"From the very start, our team – a band of passionate believers who've weathered the storm of past projects – knew that trust and dedication were key. We rallied together, fueled by a shared dream for BadDogs: to build a community that doesn't just survive challenges but thrives through them. We're united in this vision, crafting a pack that stands strong no matter what."
- The BadDogs Team


This transition marked a crucial moment in our story. It was a test of resilience and commitment. We embraced this challenge, determined to steer BadDogs towards a brighter, more robust future. Our focus sharpened, our resolve hardened, and our journey towards building an unbreakable community gained new momentum.

Through this change, we learned that true strength lies in adaptability and unity. Now, as a rejuvenated team, we're not just running a project; we're nurturing a family, a pack bound by loyalty and driven by a collective dream.



At BadDogs, we're all about keeping it fresh and fierce. Our roadmap? It's more than just a plan; it's a living, breathing adventure that morphs with our pack's dreams and the ever-changing tides of Web3. Nothing's set in stone here – we ride each new wave with style, making sure our journey is as wild and dynamic as our community.

“Our roadmap at BadDogs is like a dynamic journey, constantly evolving with the pulse of our community and the rhythm of Web3. We don’t believe in rigid plans; we believe in adaptive, exhilarating strategies that reflect the vibrant spirit of our pack. Each twist and turn is an opportunity for innovation and growth, keeping us on the cutting edge of the digital world.”
- The BadDogs Team


In the world of BadDogs, it's all about the pack. Amidst our journey, we introduced the Diamond Club – the new pinnacle of membership in the BadDogs community, evolving from the OG tier. This exclusive circle is more than just a status; it's a cornerstone in strengthening the very foundation of our project.

As members of the Diamond Club, the biggest BadDogs supporters are brought closer to the heartbeat of our mission. They're not just members; they're key contributors with a direct line to the team. Their insights, feedback, and ideas don't just get heard – they become instrumental in shaping the future of BadDogs Company.

Holding the highest rank within our pack, Diamond Club members are crucial to our ecosystem. They're the advisors, the trendsetters, the inner circle that helps steer the BadDogs ship. Their involvement is vital, ensuring that as we grow and evolve, we do so not only with vision but with the valuable input of those who are deeply invested in our journey.

“The Diamond Club represents the essence of our 'community-first' approach, embodying the trust, dedication, and collaborative spirit that BadDogs stands for."
- The BadDogs Team


Be Bad, Not Bored. Never Stop™


At BadDogs, we’re constantly pushing the envelope with unique and exciting engagements. Our aim? To build a stronger, more connected community. We’ve set the stage for a diverse range of interactions – think virtual hangouts that bring us together regardless of geography, real-life gatherings that solidify our bonds, adrenaline-fueled poker tournaments, and intense competitions with rewards that really get everyone’s tails wagging. And let’s not forget the creative contests that unleash the full spectrum of BadDogs creativity. Each of these initiatives is a testament to the vibrant and dynamic spirit of BadDogs.

“Breaking new ground is what we do at BadDogs. We’ve unleashed a series of cutting-edge engagements, each designed to forge even tighter bonds within our pack. We’re all about keeping the adrenaline and camaraderie of the BadDogs spirit at full throttle.”
- The BadDogs Team


Diversity and creativity are at the heart of BadDogs. These principles shine brightly in everything we do, from our 88 custom BadDogs to the innovative collaborations and initiatives that highlight the extraordinary talents within our pack. Central to this creative ethos is our community collection merchandise. This unique feature allows our holders to design and contribute to our merchandise line, further showcasing the diverse creativity of our community. We’re all about embracing every unique perspective and idea, celebrating the myriad ways our pack expresses itself. Together, we’re opening new doors to explore the amazing possibilities that we can build as a united, diverse community.

“We believe that the true strength of BadDogs lies in the diverse and creative spirits of our community. Every custom BadDog, every collaboration, every initiative, every piece of merchandise created by our holders is a reflection of this belief. It’s incredible to see how each unique contribution shapes and enriches our BadDogs universe.”
- The BadDogs Team


Within the bustling world of BadDogs, every BadDog is a legend in their own right, brimming with tales as diverse as their personalities. Recognizing the depth of each BadDogs character, we introduced BadDogs Stories, a groundbreaking feature allowing every holder to narrate their BadDogs unique journey.

Imagine crafting a narrative that mirrors the distinct traits and adventures of your BadDog. This innovative platform empowers you to give voice to their stories, evolving as you see fit. The best part? These tales are not confined to your imagination. They become a tangible part of your BadDogs identity, embedded in their NFT metadata and showcased on platforms like OpenSea for the entire world to admire.

BadDogs Stories is not just a feature; it’s a tribute to the individuality and creativity of our community. It’s an opportunity for each holder to delve deeper into the BadDogs universe and leave a personal mark on their digital companion.

“BadDogs Stories is a unique canvas for our community to paint their BadDogs personalities. This feature is a testament to our commitment to innovation and community engagement.”
- The BadDogs Team


In our daring BadDogs journey, we've navigated through a fair share of rough waters. Every challenge we've met head-on has been a golden opportunity to strengthen our resolve, broaden our knowledge, and showcase the unyielding resilience of our pack. Adapting swiftly to the ever-changing market trends and conditions, we've positioned ourselves not just to survive, but to thrive and lead in the dynamic world of Web3.

“Our mission remains constant, yet our vision is ever-evolving. We’re on a journey of continuous growth, always keeping our long-term goal in our sights. This approach keeps us anchored and sharp, ensuring that each move we make is a stride toward surpassing expectations and strengthening the bond with our community.”
- The BadDogs Team




As we stand at this exciting juncture of our journey, we look back with pride and forward with anticipation. From the initial spark of an idea to the thriving community we are today, every step has been a thrilling ride. At BadDogs, we’re not just creating a brand; we’re forging an odyssey in the digital world.

Our path has been unique – filled with unexpected twists, inspiring creativity, and relentless innovation. We’ve seen our community grow, not just in numbers, but in spirit and engagement. Each member of our pack has contributed to making BadDogs more than just a project – a movement.

As we continue to chart new territories in the Web3 space, our commitment remains unwavering. We are dedicated to bringing more groundbreaking features, fostering deeper connections, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

The journey of BadDogs is an ongoing saga of passion, resilience, and community. We’re excited to see where this path takes us, and we invite every one of you to join us in this adventure. Together, we’ll keep rewriting the story of BadDogs, one chapter at a time.

“Looking ahead, we’re filled with an unshakeable sense of excitement and purpose. The BadDogs journey is far from over; in fact, it’s just getting started. We’re here to innovate, inspire, and grow alongside our incredible community. Thank you for being part of this amazing adventure. Here’s to the endless possibilities that lie ahead!”

- The BadDogs Team