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Awesome! Being a proud holder of a BadDogs NFT grants you a wide-ranging license to flex the art tied to it, both for your personal kicks and commercial hustles.




You might just admire it quietly, or become that person who always brings up their NFT rights in chats. Or hey, go big – slap your NFT's look on fresh merch or spark up a brand new brand around it. Let's see what you've got!


Welcome to the dynamic world of BadDogs! As a proud holder of a BadDogs NFT, you’re not just owning a piece of digital art; you’re unlocking a realm of creative possibilities. Here's a quick rundown of the rights and freedoms you enjoy with your BadDogs NFT:
1. Ownership and Use: You own the unique token of your BadDogs NFT, verified through blockchain. This includes a non-exclusive, worldwide license to use the associated art.

2. Personal Use Freedom: Feel free to use the art for personal enjoyment - think profile pictures, digital avatars, or even printing it for your personal space.

3. Commercial Use Rights: Go ahead, monetize your NFT! Use the art on merchandise, in digital content, or even in larger creative projects. Just remember to align with our brand guidelines and apply for the right permissions for larger-scale uses involving multiple NFTs.

4. Creative Boundaries: While we encourage creativity, it’s vital to keep it respectful and audience-friendly. Avoid any use that promotes negativity or divisiveness.

5. Transferring Rights: Your license rights are tied to the ownership of the NFT. If you transfer your NFT, these rights go along with it, ensuring the new owner gets the same privileges.

6. Adaptation and Derivatives: Feel inspired to create derivative works? Go for it! Just make sure they're unique and don’t mislead others into thinking they're official BadDogs creations.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Your creativity helps shape the BadDogs universe, so let’s make it a positive and inspiring space for all!
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Turn your digital companion into a creative powerhouse. The BadDogs Crafted initiative is here to validate, bolster, and broadcast your ingenious endeavors using your BadDogs NFT. This program confirms your rightful ownership of a BadDog NFT and grants you the exclusive right to use the dynamic BadDogs Crafted emblem in association with your products or services.


Your Main License is the core license linked to your BadDog. The Main License number is defined by the first 5 digits.

Under this Main License, you have the option to add "Project Licenses," allowing you to associate various BadDogs and their respective projects with your Main License. A Project License number consists of three digits that follow your Main License number. To request a sublicense, you must first have a Main License.



If your BadDog stars in more than one venture, each project needs its own Product License. Picture this: your BadDog on a t-shirt?That's one license. Now, want to see it on a skateboard? Time for another license.

The sky's the limit – there's no cap on how many licenses a single BadDog token can snag. Every new idea, every new product, your BadDog is ready to lead the pack!


As a proud holder, you're invited to feature the exclusive BadDogs Crafted emblem in your projects, right next to your cherished BadDog NFT's image.

This emblem, a mark of your creativity and part of the BadDogs family, must be used in its original form. No tweaks, changes, or omissions – especially not to the unique license number that identifies your BadDog.

And remember, while the BadDogs Crafted emblem is a badge of honor, it should not overshadow the star of the show – your BadDog NFT. This emblem is there to complement, not compete!


Got a pack of BadDogs in your creative arsenal? Here's the deal: each BadDog needs its own license, but we've got you covered with a master license system. You are able to register your entire project under one overarching license and link up all your BadDogs as sublicenses.

But wait, there's more: want to feature a squad of BadDogs but don't own the whole crew? No sweat. You'll just need to reach out to their respective pack leaders (owners) for individual licenses. Remember, the BadDogs Crafted program is all aboutempowering you, but it's up to you to navigate agreements with other BadDog owners for that collaborative magic. Let's build something epic, together!


1. Scope of License: The BadDogs Crafted program provides licenses for the use of BadDogs digital collectible artwork. This license is limited to the artwork associated with the specific BadDog NFT you own.

2. Ownership Requirements: Licensees must be the verified owners of the BadDogs NFT they wish to use. Unauthorized use of BadDogs artwork, without ownership of the corresponding NFT, is strictly prohibited.

3. Collaborative Projects: For projects involving multiple BadDogs, each NFT must be individually licensed. If incorporating BadDogs you do not own, separate agreements with those NFT owners are required. The BadDogs Crafted program does not facilitate these external agreements.

4. Creative Freedom and Limitations: While we encourage creativity, all uses of BadDogs artwork must comply with our community standards and must not be associated with offensive, unlawful, or harmful content. We reserve the right to review and object to any use of BadDogs artwork that we deem inconsistent with the spirit of the community.

5. No Endorsement: Use of BadDogs artwork does not imply endorsement by the BadDogs team or its affiliates. Creators should not imply any official partnership or endorsement by BadDogs unless explicitly agreed upon.

6. Changes to Terms: The BadDogs Crafted program terms are subject to change. Licensees agree to stay informed and comply with any updates to these terms.

7. No Guarantee of Profitability: Participation in the BadDogs Crafted program does not guarantee profitability or success of any merchandise, products, or projects created using BadDogs artwork.

8. Indemnification: Licensees agree to indemnify and hold harmless the BadDogs team and its affiliates from any claims, damages, or legal actions arising from their use of BadDogs artwork.

9. Termination of License: Licenses may be revoked for non-compliance with these terms. Upon termination, all use of BadDogs artwork must cease immediately.

By participating in the BadDogs Crafted program, you acknowledge and agree to these terms, ensuring a respectful and lawful use of the BadDogs intellectual property